Diana Webster

Diana Webster came to Finland in 1952 after studying English at Oxford. For many years she was a lecturer in English Language and Literature at Helsinki University. At the same time, she wrote award-winning textbooks for teaching English to young children in Finland and worldwide. Webster has been a writer and presenter for radio and tv and has written radio plays broadcast in Finland and other countries and also translated Radio plays and documentaries from Swedish to English. She has published over 120 textbooks, as well as articles, radio talks, etc. Her play So Many Everests won Finnish and International awards.

What is your core as an author?
The desire to write as clearly and interestingly as possible, so as to be accessible to all; to keep the reader entertained and wanting to continue reading; and to inform without seeming to do so.

Why is literature important?

Good literature helps the reader to learn what it is to be human and to understand more about other people, life, and the world. No era, country, people or language can be properly understood without reading its literature. I wish politicians read more.


How do you choose your subjects?

Finland is a given subject when you are a foreigner that has lived here for so many years. It chose me, not the other way around. But I write other things too, fiction. For that I have very many subjects in my head. Sooner or later one of them stands out as demanding to be written NOW.



Association of the Blind's Radio Play of the Year for So Many Everests (Yle)
Premios Ondas International Prize for Radio Drama for So Many Everests (RTE Dublin)
Duke of Edinburgh's Prize for English Together (Longman): ELT primary textbook of the year


Niin monta Mount Everestiä, Tammi, 2011


Diana Webster
Fotograf: Katri Lehtola Ladda ner fullstor bild